The Bible in Church

Speaking of kids and the Bible in church, I remember another Sunday not that long ago, again a


Speaking of kids and the Bible in church, I remember another Sunday, again at my very respectable Presbyterian church, when a group of rather young children, maybe grades K-2nd or so, sang two songs in the main service. The first was a “fun” upbeat song about Noah’s ark. You may have heard it before. You can get a YouTube version of it here. The second song was about how God loves us and will always take be there to take care of us (I think it was long those lines). The problem is that the kids left out several very important parts of the Noah story. So, I’ve written a few new verses for the song that I think should always be included in it from now on. They are:


Last Sunday (2/24) at the Presbyterian church I attend, a group of kids, grades 4-6 I’d say, gave a brief performance on the “fruit of the Spirit” (based on Galatians 5:22-23). The adult leaders of the group did a very nice job making the presentation creative and interesting. They had set up a slide show to accompany the various recitations done by the kids. My favorite slide showed a still image of the “wait” symbol that you often see on a computer – a series of lines flashing around in a circle. I, and others I’m pretty sure, thought that something had malfunctioned with the slide show. But, no, it was Read More