In Support of Dr. Chris Rollston

As I understand it, Dr. Christopher A. Rollston, the Toyozo Nakarai Professor of Old Testament and Semitics at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Johnson City, Tennessee, could well be dismissed from his position at the seminary. From what I have heard of the situation, the dismissal appears to be extremely unfair and in violation of the principles of academic freedom. Many sources suggest that an op-ed piece by Rollston in the Huffington Post about how women are viewed in biblical texts rankled some of the more conservative elements at the seminary. The issue made headlines at Inside Higher Ed and is all over the blogosphere. I’ve been friends with Rollston since 1997 and our days together as grad students at Johns Hopkins. He’s become an incredibly well-respected scholar. I hope that he is able to survive this. For more on the controversy, see these links:

Inside Higher Ed article

Public letter from Professor P. Kyle McCarter, William Foxwell Albright Professor of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University (please see this letter for ways in which you can support Rollston)

Blog post with many of the relevant details (written by a former student at Emmanuel)

Blog post in support of Rollston

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